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About AAEMEC Co.

We create green solutions for all industries and applications.

we all need electricity and some peoples still bought it with a high invoices amounts. with the renewable energy you can own your free energy plant to cover all your needs.
Renewable energy used the green sources that is positively affected the earth life and nature not like other sources. using many generation methods such as; Solar energy , Wind energy, Hydropower energy ... etc
Cheap Price
20+ years lifetime
Green Areas
Eco friendly
Profitable Projects
ease of upgrades

Build better power plant that don't need running costs. with AAEMEC Co.

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Planning process

We design, build and support power plants for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.
  • 1
    Project Sizing and Pricing

    we will calculate your project size as per your needs or annual consumption, then pricing the project

  • 2
    Designing and Project full Specs.

    After pricing we will start designing the project and put the full drawings and products specifications in the contract letter with the project timeline and the start date

  • 3
    Project Supplying, installation and commissioning

    as a third stage we manage to supply all materials with the desired specs and codes to the sites and construct then install and commission the project.

  • 4
    Operation and Warranty

    finishing the third stage is the green line for operation and testing and warranty stage as per the international codes.

We listen and work together to create a unique experience.

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Installed Items and Plants

projects and items are provides by AAEMEC worldwide

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Happy Clients

we are honored to serve our clients worldwide

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

AAEMEC Co. is a professional worldwide EPCI Renewable energy corporation.

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