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150+ small scale systems

Projects Description

till the moment a number of 150+ small scale system customer for types of Single phase and three phase grid connected systems all over the world especially Jordan country with the international regulations and codes.

- single phase: 3.6 KW/5.4KWP systems
-Three phase: various capacities up to 10 KW inverter and 150% DC Site capacity up to 15 KWP
- Multi mounting techniques :
1. rooftop hot-dip galvanized steel and aluminum
2. Pitched tile and pitch tin
3. ramming/ ground mounting structure park structures

-top 10 world best inverters
-top 10 world best PV modules
-top brands AC and DC circuit breakers and electrical accessories
-best pre casted cement cubes with highest weights

  • Grid connected
  • Solar systems
  • Small scale systems
  • Single phase systems
  • Three phase systems
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