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the large scale grid connected systems are starting from being three phase and have an output current more than 16 Ampere as per most international standards. However, we build a number of large scale projects starting from the size of 12KW till 4MW and participated in projects design and installation of many projects till a one value of 50MW projects.

the large scale systems not using the same values always but it needs a real engineering and experience in all electricity fields and power generation formulas and all other needed sections; just like civil works and design and regulatory works and licensing and future investment calculations and the upgrading space and time-wise redirection.

building a plant of solar energy to cover needs is helpful and savable solution, but investing in solar energy is more profitable and helpful.

  • Solar Energy
  • Large Scale Systems
  • Green Power Plants
  • On grid systems
  • Future Microgrids

1. Contact AAEMEC Co. to determine your desired electricity needs

determining the desired electricity needs and make the project calculation, specifications, materials and pricing.

2. Contracts and project timeline

find all your wanted green investment written and reviewed and managed to know everyday whats the morning says for your plant till operation.

3. Design, Governmental Approvals, supplying and implementation

timely-managed and monitored construction story for your plant with steady steps to success and profits

4. Operation and Warranty

began green electricity generation and a full monitoring process assuring all aims are done and the results getting perfect

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