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Solar pumping systems are increasingly being used in various projects worldwide. In developing countries, solar pumping systems are being implemented to provide reliable water supply for irrigation, livestock watering and household use in remote and off-grid areas. In developed countries, solar pumping systems are being used to replace diesel-powered pumping systems in farms, vineyards, and other agricultural operations. Additionally, solar pumping systems are being integrated into municipal water supply systems to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Solar pumping systems are also being utilized in disaster relief efforts to provide access to clean water in areas affected by natural disasters or conflicts. With advancements in technology and decreasing costs, solar pumping systems have become a cost-effective and sustainable solution for water pumping needs.

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Solar pumping systems

Solar pumping systems use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity to pump water from a well or surface source to various applications such as irrigation, livestock watering or household use.
  1. Determine water requirements and location of water source
  2. Select appropriate pump, solar panels, and control system
  3. Determine installation site and mount solar panels
  4. Install pump and connect to solar panels and control system
  5. Configure control system and test pump operation
  6. Install water storage tank and distribution system
  7. Commission system and monitor performance
  8. Perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting as needed
  9. Record system performance and make adjustments for optimization.
  10. Provide customer training and support.
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Complete Off-Grid Operation

no need for utility grids
  • Photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from sunlight
  • Energy storage system such as batteries to store electricity for use when the sun is not shining
  • DC or AC pumps designed for solar power input
  • Automatic controls to regulate pump speed and water flow based on available sunlight and water demand
  • Protection systems to prevent damage from overvoltage, overcurrent, and other electrical faults
  • Remote monitoring and control capability to enable remote operation and maintenance of the system
  • Durability and reliability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity, and dust.
  • Flexibility to accommodate different water sources, pump types, and water delivery systems.
  • Scalability to expand the system to meet changing water demand or add additional water sources.
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Hybrid solar plus pumping

for additional green or utility operation source our systems works perfectly
  • Energy efficiency: By combining two or more sources of energy, hybrid pumping systems are more energy-efficient than conventional pumping systems that rely solely on grid power or diesel generators.
  • Increased reliability: Green hybrid pumping systems can operate even in conditions where one source of energy is not available, such as when there is no wind or the sun is not shining. This increases the reliability of the pumping system.
  • Environmental sustainability: By using renewable energy sources, green hybrid pumping systems have a lower environmental impact than conventional pumping systems that rely on non-renewable energy sources. This reduces carbon emissions and helps to mitigate climate change.
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