Wind power is a green energy solution

depends on your area average wind speed

operates ongrid offgrid and hybrid

less cost and 24 hours generation with long term

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Windy areas customers


Ajlon, Jerash, Amman, Tafilah


EPCI and operation process for many projects grid-on, grid-off and hybrid with solar and multi-sourced power plants.
-500W supporting wind turbine with small solar system to cover 20KWh along day
-3KW wind turbine grid-off operation with 10 kw battery storage
-5KW vertical wind turbine grid on operation over three phase connection
-10 KW off grid wind turbine works independently to supply mobile tower with storage of 20KW and backup generator.
-50 KW wheeling wind turbine horizontal axis and working ongrid to cover bakery electricity needs
-10s more projects with a full profile

  • Wind Turbines
  • Off-grid
  • On-grid
  • Hybrid
  • wind farms

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We use to check the annual wind speed on the desired site for our clients and to give the fit solution that meets their ambitions

the desired wind speed for any industrial wind turbine could be accepted with in the average between 8 m/s to 12 m/s. the lowest minimum is +-20%>
main parameters in designing wind system is the wind speed average annually , then the highest speed and direction changes and the number of wind turbine would be installed together on site. moreover we find the desired kwh annually or basely needed and start simulate the power generation process to calculate the wind turbine size needed.

AAEMEC Co. is a professional Renewable energy company that provides a full green solutions

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